Delta-8 Brands To Buy From In 2021


Delta-8 THC or D-8 has turned into a hotly debated issue in the cannabis business for its smoother sway on the sensory system and its gentle high. While it appears to have all that CBD offers, Delta-8 offers significantly more – similar as Delta-9 THC, however not with the last’s normal incidental effects, for example, getting stoned.

Thus, it is no big surprise that accomplished hemp plant ranchers and organizations are consistently exploring and growing new and creative approaches to form powerful Delta-8 items to attract more cannabis customers to have a more secure and better insight.

Shockingly, be that as it may, not all brands are authentic or have the wellbeing of individuals. Also, that is the reason we consistently endeavor to guarantee that our perusers are not conned – that they get the best and greatest Delta-8 items from the market.

In this article, we have chosen the main five Delta-8 THC marks that sell real, protected, strong, unadulterated, and successful Delta-8 items, be it chewy candies, vapes, hemp blossoms, colors, or some other items dependent on our experience.

Best Delta-8 Brands: Reviewed

#1. Exhale Wellness – Top-Rated, Best Overall & Editor’s Choice

Brand Overview

High-quality and powerful Delta-8 THC products for stress-free and healthy living are the forte of Exhale Wellness. It specializes in full-spectrum Delta-8 products like gummies, carts, flowers, edibles, and pre-rolls. The brand maintains its products’ effectiveness and quality by learning through advanced revelations and research on Delta-8 THC.

Exhale Wellness uses USPS to ship its vegan Delta-8 THC products within the US. Moreover, all products are gelatin-free, organic, potent, and artificial color/flavor-free. Besides the listed products, you can also buy Delta-8 capsules and oils.


  • Vegan, full-spectrum, and 100% organic Delta-8 products
  • Hemp flower formulations comply with the Farm Bill.
  • Clean and safe CO2 extraction
  • 30-day money-back assurance


  • Flavors are limited in the Delta-8 THC range
  • Lengthy product return and refund process


High-Quality: The brand’s full-spectrum Delta-8 products promote a stress-free lifestyle. Also, the products are gluten-free, vegan, potent, and all-natural. Exhale Wellness encourages and educates Delta-8 users to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Lab-Tested Products: Exhale Wellness vouches for its all-natural hemp derivatives and lab-tested products. Hence, the brand has listed individual third-party lab-test reports of all products on the site.

Wide Product Range: Exhale has an extensive range of pre-rolls, flowers, gummies, edibles, and other Delta-8 products. Hence, you get multiple options to browse through and buy.

Easy and Fast Shipment: The brand promises fast delivery. The shipment reaches you within two to three days from the date of order.

Customer Reviews

Verified buyers have rated almost all Exhale Wellness Delta-8 products with five stars. Although organic hemp plant products help with stress and anxiety relief, some users take them for medical purposes.

Some buyers have been skeptical about Exhale products but have eventually given 5-star ratings for prompt delivery, quality products, and reliable customer service.

Nonetheless, Exhale is preferred by youngsters aged between 16 and 25. They mention how Exhale gummies and hemp flowers lighten their mood and night parties. One particular buyer stated how Exhale’s oil helped him sleep better after struggling with insomnia for two or three years.

#2. BudPop – Most Potent & Premium Brand

Brand Overview

BudPop is a new brand, but its Delta-8 products can soon lead the cannabinoids market. The collective experience of three decades of young minds can enable the brand to sell and promote potent D-8 products. Its D-8 gummies and flowers are tested by third-party labs. The brand also markets cartridges that are available in Strawberry Gelato (Calypso) and Grape Runtz (Himalia) flavors. All their D-8 products are formulated from natural hemp plants that are specially grown in the US.

BudPop products comply with the federal policy for consumption and sale of Delta-8 THC. Hence, nobody is ever sold a Delta-8 THC product without any evidence to reflect the federal age. Their D-8 products help with stress relief, stress stimulation, and pain relief. BudPop operates in the US but ships products for free only when the order exceeds $50.


  • No product contains traces of Delta-9 THC.
  • Products made from US-grown hemp plants
  • Lab-tested, federally legal, and safe
  • Non-GMO, organic D-8 products
  • Excellent product guarantees


  • No free shipping for orders less than $50.
  • BudPop D-8 products’ availability is only within the US borders.


Effective & Good Quality Products: BudPop’s Delta-8 THC gummies, flowers, and vape carts have been found to be effective. In addition, the brand is committed to procuring organically grown hemp and all-natural ingredients for manufacturing its products.

Lab-Tested & Safe: This Delta-8 brand maintains transparency in all its practices and processes. That is reflected in all its lab test results on this website. The lab test reports support BudPop uses non-GMO, natural, and safe ingredients, as testified by certified independent labs.

Product Range: BudPop has an extensive range of infused hemp flowers, gummies, and vape carts. Users can find products in different Delta-8 THC flavors.

Excellent Company Policies: BudPop adheres to the Federal Cannabis Selling Policy. So, no minor is ever sold any D-8 products. In addition, the brand currently ships products within the US (in permitted states) and levies shipping charges only on orders worth less than $50.

Customer Reviews

Despite being a new brand, its lab test reports have provided buyers with the confidence and satisfaction they require before purchasing its products. Meanwhile, customers who have tried BudPop’s products are equally happy with the results.

Over 45% of the reviews are dedicated to gummies and explain how they have been helpful. Some users have mentioned how they never believed in Delta-8 THC results but have become fans of BudPop’s flavorful flowers and gummies.

#3. Delta EFFEX – Best Value

Brand Overview

Although Delta EFFEX has started selling Delta-10 THC products too, it specializes in D-8 products. Its D-8 and D-10 products are so popular that it has been featured in magazines, guides, and news journals. Delta EFFEX leads the US cannabinoid market because all its products are sold after using lab-tested hemp extracts and enhanced R&D learning.

All its Delta-8 bundles, cartridges, concentrates, disposables, edibles, infused hemp flowers, pods, and tinctures are third-party lab-tested. The brand has also presented lab-test reports for every product. Besides selling, Delta EFFEX also educates people about the uses and effects of Delta-8.


  • Numerous exotic and standard flavors
  • Only lab-tested Delta-8 THC distillate in products
  • Organically sourced hemp products
  • Good company policies


  • No free shipping on any orders
  • Product replacement only if the delivered item is wrong or damaged


Highly Effective: Delta EFFEX’s D-8 products, particularly vape cartridges, gummies, and flowers, are extremely popular among users. Since its products are formulated with lab-certified D-8 THC, they seem to promote good health and offer a mild high that is not too harsh on the throat.

Lab-Tested Products: The brand gets not only its products but also the product ingredients lab-tested. Delta EFFEX ensures that its products contain less than or equal to 0.3% THC. Lab-testing at every stage of its production guarantees Delta EFFEX’s product effectiveness, purity, and safety.

Product Range: Delta EFFEX is a big brand that features an extensive collection of Delta-8 and Delta-10 THC products, including gummies, edibles, bundles, concentrates, and much more.

Shipping: Delta EFFEX ships Delta-8 THC products to all states within the US where D-8 is legal. It uses USPS to deliver ordered products within three to seven days. However, the brand does not accept product returns, exchanges, and refunds.

Customer Reviews

Since Delta EFFEX has an extensive Delta-8 THC product portfolio, most users are satisfied with the options. Some users inferred that their favorite gummy flavors and tinctures were not available anywhere but on Delta EFFEX.

One buyer mentioned that all he wanted was a predictable and standard hemp product delivery. Hence, he has made Delta EFFEX his go-to brand for Delta-8 THC products.

Even though the company only entertains product replacement, not many buyers have raised any complaints about it. Some users stated that they were initially worried about losing money to Delta EFFEX’s No Refund/Exchange/Return policy, but the company never muddled their orders.

#4. Diamond CBD – Wide Variety of Flavors

Brand Overview

Besides selling Delta-8 products, Diamond CBD also uses in-house doctors and scientists to introduce product variations. All THC products found on the website are manufactured and branded by Diamond CBD. Since the brand’s inception, its client base has increased to 100,000. As Diamond CBD focuses on users’ health and mind via its products, it adopts green manufacturing and distribution practices to equally respect the planet.

Diamond CBD’s scientists and doctors constantly test their Delta-8 products to maintain their set standards. Now, when the brand has served more than a hundred thousand buyers, positive product feedback is hard to deny.


  • Extensive portfolio of 400 products.
  • Great variety of flavors and product options
  • High-quality, lab-tested products
  • Fantastic customer-friendly company policies


  • No replacement/return policy on vape pens


Sustainable approach and high-quality products: Diamond CBD is among the top Delta-8 brands in the current cannabinoid industry owing to its high-end D-8 product manufacturing techniques and sustainable approach. Its in-house quality team tests the potency and flavors of Diamond CBD’s products to maintain quality standards.

Lab Test Reports: Its D-8 products are tested at in-house laboratories and sent for third-party lab testing as well. Moreover, the brand never hesitates to display the lab reports of all its THC products on the site.

Product Range: Diamond CBD offers the most extensive CBD and Delta-8 THC product range. You can browse through almost 400 products. From bundles, oils, vapes to concentrates, extracts, and edibles, Diamond CBD sells almost all its products at reasonable prices.

Shipment: The brand not only ships its products within the US but also overseas. Diamond CBD takes pride in delivering its products in all shipping areas within two days. Also, it does not charge shipping costs on any orders above $100.

Customer Reviews

Of all the products that Diamond CBD sells and manufactures, its Delta-8 gummies are the most popular. Of the 100,000 customers, 75% have praised the quality and effects of Delta-8 that Diamond CDB’s products offer.

Some buyers have mentioned how the products have helped them sleep and concentrate better. Considering the options available in THC and CBD products, most users paid for premium Diamond CBD membership to enjoy more than the standard benefits of Delta 8.

#5. 3Chi – Most Popular

Brand Overview

3Chi specializes in selling Delta-8 products such as vapes, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, and oils. The in-house research and development team creates potent and new Delta-8 compounds to bring new products on board.

The brand owner has 15 years of experience in growing and formulating hemp plants in the US. Moreover, all 3Chi products are tested by accredited third-party labs.


  • The safe ethanol extraction process
  • Reasonably well-priced
  • Safe, potent, and effective
  • Commendable customer service


  • Use of artificial colors and flavors in some products


Healthy Formulations: 3Chi vouches for its CBD and THC formulations used in the products. It processes the hemp plants in its in-house laboratories to protect consumers from undesirable side effects.

Lab Test Reports: 3Chi’s oils and all its products go to third-party labs for testing.

Product Range: 3Chi offers multiple options in Delta-8 gummies, vapes, edibles, and other products. Moreover, the brand asks for users’ federal age before allowing them to access the products.

Extensive Experience: 3Chi is one Delta-8 brand whose owner has more than a decade of experience in formulating and processing hemp plants. It gives the company an edge over other companies to formulate and sell specialized and full-spectrum Delta-8 products.

Customer Reviews

Every THC consumer in the US knows about the 3Chi brand. Some users are super-delighted with the quality and taste of 3Chi products, such as gummies, tinctures, vapes, and edibles. They have mentioned that they did not become addicted to 3Chi D-8 products even after consuming them for a long time.

One user complained about the no product refund/cancellation/return policy. He suggested that sometimes it prevented him from placing his order even though he knew what he wanted. However, the issue was later resolved by the company.


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